MECSYSTEM was born in April 1994 from the intuition of the two associates, already engaged in the sale of clamping systems for spark erosion. They thought that, in order to obtain a greater success in this activity, it was necessary to offer the customers a wider and more complete range of products and services. The line of products named “Consumable for EDM” and the software dedicated to the production of electrodes and to the programming of EDM wire machines were created starting from this consideration.

A slow but solid and constant growth enabled MECSYSTEM not only to plan and realize special equipments arisen from the particular needs of its own customers, but also to the study of specific services, such as the generation of ( 3Dtools path) or the regeneration of the exhausted resin.

Today MECSYSTEM is producer of a line of systems for EDM erosion and has a new building of 700 m2, visible from the motorway A4 MI-VE, used for the storage of consumable material.

The two associates work full time in MECSYSTEM and cooperate with a team of highly skilled agents, who have matured a proved experience in this field, not only thanks to the sale but above all thanks to the practice with plants of erosion and milling.

This assures a continuous research and implementation of new products and services, with the intent of growing and letting our customers grow.