Catalog: Plunge EDM Accessories – page 7
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It is the minor brother of the MTS120 with the same technical characteristics but smaller in size. In spite of the fact that all component are manufactured out of blocks of full steel the price is astonishing low. Simplicity,rigidity, precision and price makes him perfect for the use on the EDM field. It is best suited to machine electrodes on milling machines, lathes, wire EDM and transfer them,with precision and no further alinment on to the die sinker EDM . The dimensions, handyness, the exclusive use of steel makes it the ideal system. Multiple tooling made by us or the client will increase productivity dramatically, reducing dead times but more important it will allow machining during unmaned hours. As for the MTS120 the system has been developed also for automation, therefore, with the implementation of a manipulator or a robot a maximum of productivity can be achieved,if needed, the system will work also during holiday unattended.