Catalog: Plunge EDM Accessories – page 15
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MAKE 60/32

Specifically born for the use on die sinking EDM. The use of an adapter make!s it compatible to the MTS 65 and all other sytems for EDM available on the market with the possibility to use raw copper bars of any dimension and geometry. A cross cut, first milled then coined by us or the customer is the first step that will make the construction of an electrode and a precise transfer on the EDM machine the easiest job in the world, mantaining alignment and centering. Stocking the electrode for a later use is now at zero cost! Mini pallets of 35 mm of diameter allows a fast clamping of raw grafite. Elastic collets for round or square shapes of different dimensions are available to clamp copper or grafite electrodes of small dimensions by simply ppressing them in to the collets, drilling or thread cutting is no longer needed.